Why use Music On Hold Marketing?

When people call your office phone system and then you have to put them ON HOLD, what do they hear? Nothing? Some bland music your phone company put on? A radio station? BAD IDEAS! You are missing a great sales opportunity. Statistics show that people are put on hold for an average of 25 seconds to One Minute. In that amount of time, you could play a recorded ‘radio commercial’ message about your business. This message would talk about all the extra products and services you have that they might not be aware of. Then when you come back on the line they will say: “Hey, I didn’t know you had this other product or service! Add that to my order!” That’s music to any business owners ears. That’s Music On Hold Marketing. Find out how easy and affordable this type of marketing is. Get in touch with St George Productions in Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-587-1119. Email: JsgProductions@BellSouth.Net, or visit our website at http://www.StGeorgeProductions.Net

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